PUA Thoughts

June 5, 2012

 I have been looking up PUA and OnlinePUA recently and there is some good game out there! If you read some of the greats blogs by the great pua coaches they live the life and if you have questions there are great places to ask for game. Will be on more! Peace…

Merry Christmas Now Get Naughty

December 25, 2011

Christmas is the time of year to give gifts so there can be no justice without giving your man the extra bit of naughtiness he’s been asking for all this year. So go that extra mile let him creampie a hole! No headaches tonight ladies only sexaches and when family asks why you walking funny just smile. So Merry Christmas! And if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and want to give me some treats e-mail me at kingbasg@yahoo.com

Girls Stop with the Virgin Lies!

July 27, 2011

Ok I am 29 now and I am talking to this girl thats 26 ok 26 keep that number in mind. So yesterday was the first time we talked  and she said she never had a boyfriend? I was ok, but in my head I’m like this girl is lying (more to that in a second). So then I ask her have you ever been kissed? She said “no.” Hmm I’m more suspicious. Then I asked are you a virgin? She said “yes.” I told her straight up you sound suspicious. The reason why I was suspicious is shes like I like to party, hang out in the clubs and those are pretty racy scenes to be into and be a virgin. Ladies this is 2011 I am not a virgin and you know damn well you aren’t a virgin stop lying! When on the second date your horny giving up the panties remember why I’m angry the next day. Let me tell you a story. Ok this one time this girl told me she was a virgin. I said your lying she swore up and down she wasn’t right. The next time she came to see me she had a carseat in her backseat talking about I had to drop my kid off I had no time to put it in the trunk! You DONT HAVE TO LIE LADIES! But if your not a virging hit me up in the san francisco bay area at kingbasg@yahoo.com

Sex should be fun and passionate

July 13, 2011

When sex quits being fun and passionate you quit having it thats why so many relationships fail. If you search for loveless and sexless relationships their are alot of people out there that have lost that loving feeling! Time to get get that sexy back. DO something crazy have a threesome, do it spontaneously in a public place, go to a swinger party come on people get that sexy back. But ladies if you want some of my sexy in the san francisco bay area hit me up kingbasg@yahoo.com

SEX should be exciting

July 12, 2011

Sex should be exciting not always in the bed with everyone gone and safe what about public sex? What about getting that horny feeling and going at it right there? I am here to stop weak ass sex! STOP HAVING WEAK ASS SEX! Lets gets the pussy juicy and the dicks throbbing! Have some good sex today! if your in the bay area and you want some good ass sex hit me up kingbasg@yahoo.com

Lets Make Money Making Amateur Porn

June 9, 2011

Ladies if you are in the san francisco bay area, we can make money doing amateur porn on sites like xtube. You say it depends on views blah blah blah! To be serious there are hundreds of sites and if you get enough views we can make about $ 5000 a month each. So lets do it. Hit me up at kingbasg@yahoo.com

Some more dating sites

April 23, 2011
http://www.interracialcupid.com/ http://www.adultmatchdoctor.com/ http://mingle2.com/ http://www.datehookup.com/
http://www.lavalife.com/ NOW go get some booty!

White pants over black thongs

March 27, 2011

I see you, you lovely freaky girls!!! I love how you wear pants over the obvious black thong. That is gangsta and yes I love seeing female ass cheeks!!! Why do you tease me so bad or should I say us as men showing off that ass.? You know where looking and yes we like it! So keep it up ladies. If you want to wear a thong for me hit me up in the san francisco bay area kingbasg@yahoo.com

SHOCKING!!! Girls like to be gangbanged!!!

February 27, 2011

man i was searching for some good gangbang porn when i ran into to a topix forum… When i saw these regular girls talking about getting gangbanged and how a mother helped her 18 year old kid get banged for her birthday!!! tHAT WAS CRAZY!!! I mean if you really look and go through forums you can find all kind of perverted stuff!!! Yes the intenet has it all!!! If you want to get gangbanged by me hit me up at kingbasg@yahoo.com in the san francisco bay area ladies!!!

New website Im trying out fetlife

January 18, 2011

Man i havent been blogging lately been on this site fetlife.com trying to figure out the bdsm scene. I saw some interested girls on there Im trying to find some girls in my niche so check it out people!!! And if you want some king fetish dick hit me up at kingbasg@yahoo.com